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 Was just wondering if we were there the 7th are we going to need to buy tech cards again for the 21st or is it gonna be a "rain out" type of deal? Thanks for any info.

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If you were there on the 7th and had a rain out tech card from the 3/18 race your card will be at the front gate. If you were there on the 7th and purchased a tech card on the 7th you should have been refunded your entry fee and any spectator fee that you had a blue gate ticket for. Therefore, you would purchase a new tech card for this race on the 21st. There were only 4 racers who did not come for a refund on their tech card and those cards are at tech. If you are one of those four just pay your entry at the gate and see Kirk when you get inside for your reimbursement from the 7th.

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